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"I've used the STOMA CUP many, many times and think it's a great idea!"
Stanwood A. (Urostomate)
Natchitoches, LA.

"Finally, no more 'drippings' when bathing. I can even walk around the house with my STOMA CUP on!"
Maurice G. (Ileostomate)
Bronx, NY

"I've had 2 colostomies within 18 months and an 'unfriendly' stoma. But when wearing the STOMA CUP my bath time is no longer a challenge!"
Donna B. (Colostomate)
Cedar Rapids, IA

"I feel the STOMA CUP has been the greatest idea since sliced bread! I sure wish I would have thought of it!"
Tom P. (Urostomate)
Lima, OH

"The STOMA CUP has completely eliminated shower 'accidents' from happening. It truly has been a godsend for me!"
Brenda B. (Ileostomate)
Wapakoneta, OH

"I've found the STOMA CUP to be a very handy device. I can now towel-down with both arms free when exiting the shower!"
William W. (Urostomate)
Traverse City, MI

"Wearing the STOMA CUP after showering affords me convenience, safety, and leisure. It's really a very wonderful product."
Doris G. (Ileostomate)
Larchmont, NY

"The STOMA CUP is very nice and I use it every time that I change my appliance. I truly love it!"
Connie S. (Urostomate)
Fowler, CO

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