A "Non-Adhesive Wafer"

"Ring Around the Rosie"


The New and Improved (2012) major advantage of the non-adhesive FDA approved silicone "Ring Around the Rosie" is that it is molded with a soft, flexible "slitted" membrane allowing an ostomate to wear over his or her stoma whether round, oblong, or even an irregular shape! Affixing the "Ring Around the Rosie" over the stoma in combination with an ostomy belt, the thin soft "slitted" membrane becomes a barrier or protector for the body, whether you or your loved one is an urostomate, ileostomate, or a colostomate. It's the ULTIMATE non-adhesive wafer! MEDICARE APPROVED: Use A4384 - Ostomy faceplate equivalent, silicone ring, each.

The #175 "Rosie" provides a membrane of 1-3/4" in diameter and must be worn with a 2-1/4" pouch flange.

The #125 "Rosie" provides a membrane of 1-1/4" in diameter and must be worn with a 1-3/4" pouch flange.

The #100 "Rosie" has no membrane due to the small area of 1" in diameter and must be worn with a 1-1/2" pouch flange.

Complete attaching instructions provided with your order. And keep in mind the "Ring Around the Rosie" is also reusable. "Use it until you lose it", that's our motto!




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