A "Non-Adhesive Wafer"



The New and Improved (2012) major advantage of the non-adhesive FDA approved silicone "Handi-Ring" is that it is molded with a soft, flexible "slitted" membrane allowing an ostomate to wear over his or her stoma whether round, oblong, or even an irregular shape! Affixing the "Handi-Ring" over the stoma in combination with an ostomy belt, the thin soft "slitted" membrane becomes a barrier or protector for the body, whether you or your loved one is an urostomate, ileostomate, or a colostomate. It's the ULTIMATE non-adhesive wafer! MEDICARE APPROVED: Use A4384 - Ostomy faceplate equivalent, silicone ring, each.

The #175 "Handi-Ring" provides a membrane of 1-3/4" in diameter and must be worn with a 2-1/4" pouch flange.

The #125 "Handi-Ring" provides a membrane of 1-1/4" in diameter and must be worn with a 1-3/4" pouch flange.

The #100 "Handi-Ring" has no membrane due to the small area of 1" in diameter and must be worn with a 1-1/2" pouch flange.

Complete attaching instructions provided with your order. And keep in mind the "Handi-Ring" is also reusable. "Use it until you lose it", that's our motto!




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